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Big Leather earrings and accessories

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Our Mission

Its our mission to sustainably handcraft, artful accessories that make you feel ALIVE. Stand out in the crowd- knowing that you are incredibly unique- that you are condident and bold- that you feel feirce -that Art in all forms is important to you. That you have sourced ethically and supported locally. Darling I could go on and on and on and on ...

Ethical sourcing

The leather sourced for BhS comes from a Tannery north of Brisbane that supplies Adidas internationally, for football boots and many of the big handbag labels throughout the world. It is important to me as a Designer that our products are not adding in anyway to the environmental impacts on our earth. I use only offcuts and seconds. The hardware that I choose to use is a nickel free surgical grade stainless steel or silver.. The fixing leather glues that I use are not chemical free however I am commited to connstantly sourcing better versions of everything.

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Thoughtful Packaging

Earring Care